2020 Hippocrates Prize Shortlists

The winners in the 2020 Hippocrates will be announced by the judges during the second Poems to Live for live-streamed Zoom session which will start at 8pm UK time on Friday 15th May. 

2020 FPM-Hippocrates Health Professional awards

The Untouchable
Oona Chantrell    London England

A Laying On Of Hands In the OR 
Lauren Fields    New York City, United States

By Virtue of the Merits of her Son
Patrick Toland    Belfast, Co. Down, N Ireland

First Do No Harm
Judith Wozniak   Fareham, Hampshire, England

Second Opinion
Judith Wozniak   Fareham, Hampshire, England

2020 FPM-Hippocrates Open Shortlist 

After your procedure
Clare Best    Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

Fighting the Minotaur
Ian Colin  London, England

It's Time We Found A Different Metaphor
Rosie Jackson    Trudoxhill, Frome, Somerset, England 

People Scare Me Because
Sarah James  Droitwich, Worcestershire, England

 A letter from Dr Parkinson’s discovery 
John Mills  Stone, Staffordshire, England

2020 Hippocrates Young Poets’ Shortlist

All the Places We've Been
Katherine Vandermel   Bergen County, New Jersey USA

Katherine Vandermel   Closter, New Jersey USA

Cynthia Lu    Belmont, Massachusetts USA

Endoscopy results in room #1
Rachel Brooks  Trumbull, Connecticut, USA

Obituary of a Lost Girl   
Sarah Eliana Nachimson, Los Angeles, California, USA

Pink Milk
Sabrina Guo  Oyster Bay, New York, USA

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