2020 FPM-Hippocrates Prize Open Commendations

The winners in the 2020 Hippocrates will be announced by the judges during the second Poems to Live for live-streamed Zoom session which will start at 9pm UK time on Friday 15th May. 

2020 FPM-Hippocrates Prize Open Commendations

Robert John Gainer    Coventry, England

Rosie Garland    Manchester, England 

At the District General 
Hilary Hares    Farnham, Surrey, England

The Parkinson Code 
Michael Henry    Cheltenham, England 

Kneeling Figure 
Sarah Holland-Batt    Hamilton, Queensland, Australi 

Sarah Holland-Batt    Hamilton, Queensland, Australia

The News 
Nairn Kennedy    Leeds, England

How to Conceive a Girl 
Harriet MacMillan    Edinburgh, Scotland

The Brain on the Table 
James Davis May    Macon, Georgia, USA

Hiroshima Maiden 
Elisabeth Murawski    Alexandria, Virginia, USA

From the Front Seat, I could See 
Sue Norton    York, England

Robyn Joy Peirce    Montpelier, Vemont, USA

Counting back from 10 . . . 
Arien Reed    Fresno, California  USA

Kaila Schwartz    San Jose, California, USA

King Canute
Jane Picton Smith    Errol, Perthshire, Scotland

This is how it ends 
Janet Wainscott    Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand 

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