Cancer - The Value of Poetry – at Keele Hall, 25 July 2019

Organised by Mr Bruce Summers and Dr Roger Bloor as an activity of the Medical Humanities Programme at University of Keele Medical School.

Chaired by Professor Michael Hulse

With Wendy French, poet and professional tutor working with the MacMillan Cancer Centre.

As well as reading her own poetry, influenced by her work with Macmillan, she shared her experience of the benefits of poetry to patients with cancer, and to their families and health professionals.

She was supported by poets Karen Schofield, Roger Bloor, and Iora Dawes, Hippocrates Poetry and Medicine award winners.                               


Old Library, Keele Hall, Keele University Campus


Iora Dawes, Roger Bloor, Wendy French and Karen Schofield

Keele panel 25.7.19 (1)

From left: Donald Singer, Iora Dawes, Roger Bloor, Wendy French, Karen Schofield, Michael Hulse and Bruce Summers

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Keele Hall

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Karen Schofield reading

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Roger Bloor reading

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Iora Dawes reading

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Wendy French reading

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Audience at Old Library

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