Poetry and Health

Poetry and health

In our own words: Poetry and Young People's Health: Renee Liang, Aukland, New Zealand

Poetry in Health Spaces: Rogan Wolf, London, UK

State of emergency: Lise Day, Cape Town, South Africa and Giskin Day, Imperial College, London, UK

The soft cough of death”: traces of TB in the poetry of Norman Nicholson: Alan Beattie, University of Lancaster, UK

The plague of Thebes: an historical epidemic in Sophocles’ drama Oedipus Rex: Antonis A. Kousoulis, Imperial College, London, UK

The concept of syphilis in Greek poetry: retracing unique perspectives: Antonis A Kousoulis, University of Athens, Greece

The Apollo Project: Poetry in Cheltenham Hospital Oncology Unit: Brenda Read-Brown, Tewkesbury and Sam Guglani, Cheltenham

Writing the Memoir for Cancer Patients or Writing to Know Oneself Better: Wendy French, London, UK  

Poetic Re-narration and Chemotherapy:  Infusing Purpose and Meaning into the End of Life: Susan Sample, USA

The colour of cancer: poetry in palliative care: Wendy French, Raphael Shirley and Vikky Riley, University College Hospital London, UK

Using Poetry in Dementia Care: Simon Opher and Karen Hayes, Dursley, UK

Forgetfulness and ageing: what poetry has to say about it: Dean Gianakos, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

The Use of Poetry to Engage Echoic Memory with People Living with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia: Gary Glazner, USA 

Finding a voice for medical conditions: Joanna Sedgwick, UK (signing and deaf poetry) and Laura Salisbury, UK (aphasia)

Illuminating the present: poetry and dementia: Cheryl Moskowitz, London, UK

Matters of the heart: Wendy French and Cheryl Moskowitz, London, UK

De motu cordis. Allusions to poetry in the discovery of the circulation of the blood: John Riddington Young, Bideford, UK

Echo poems: Joseph Gascho, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, USA 

Walking back to words: poetry from stroke survivors with aphasia: Andrew McMillan, John Moores University, Liverpool, UK

Breaking and dealing with bad news: what poetry has to say about it. The Physician: Dean Gianakos, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA; The Patient: Clare Wilmot, Dartmouth, USA

Medicine and poetry: a husband and a lover: Eleni Theocharous MEP, Cyprus

Jealous Mistress: doctors as poets: Femi Oyebode, University of Birmingham, UK

Medicine and health in medieval Arabic poetry: Rabie E Abdel-Halim, Liverpool, UK

Substance to symbol: toward the inclusion of great poetry in alcohol addiction recovery programs for the homeless: Robert Randolph, Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, USA

Sharing the journey: rediscovering a lost sense of self with poetry making: Sue Spencer, County Durham

Abortion in 1960s and 1970s American Poetry: Fran Bigman, USA

Mary Kennan Herbert’s Skin Man series: Dennis Linder, Graz, Austria

Show and tell - poetry and illness as “narratives of last resort”: Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, University   of East Anglia, UK and Tromsø, Norway

Visualizing and Verbalizing Illness: a Window into the Full Patient Experience?Ryoko Hamaguchi, Johnathan Sataloff and Lisa New, USA

Poetry, metaphor and patient experience: Elisa New, USA; Angela O’Donnell, USA; Johnathan Sataloff, USA; Nora Segar, USA; Rafael Campo, Harvard Medical School, USA; Donald Singer, London, UK

Studies of benefits of poetry for patients: Donald Singer, London, UK

Show and tell - poetry and illness as “narratives of last resort”: Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, Tromsø, Norway

Elegy & Healing: The Poetics of Grief: Angela O’Donnell, USA

“Saturn hath the Left Eare, Jupiter the Right”: poetry and the place of astrology in medicine: John   Riddington Young, Bideford, UK

Pills for the Muses: poetry and medical trade in the 19th century: Hugues Marchal, University of Basel, Switzerland

The wounded healer: mental health challenges in the medical profession: Ahmed Hankir, University of Manchester, UK 

Refugee Poetics: Analogizing the Loss of Health and Homeland: Ryan Davis, USA

The Case For Ethnographic Poetry: Medical Anthropology and the Suffering of Refugees: Adrie Kusserow, USA

Towards a poetry of global health: Adrie Kusserow, USA; Ivana Viani, USA; Ryan Davis, USA; Maya Catherine Popa, New York City, USA

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