Reading by Michael Salcman and Carolyn Forché: Newcastle, UK - 16th May 2019

Poetry reading

Associated with the Hippocrates Poetry and Medicine Conference on Friday 17th May

Carolyn Forché: Professor at Georgetown University, USA and Newcastle University, UK

Michael Salcman:  neurosurgeon, poet and art historian, Baltimore, USA

Thursday 16th May, 2019 at 7.15pm

Venue: Culture Lab, Newcastle University - building number 7 on the campus map

Please note doors open at 6.45pm and will close at 7.30pm. Do come along before the event starts to browse the bookstall and have a drink.

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MICHAEL SALCMAN, neurosurgeon, poet and art historian, was born in Pilsen Czechoslovakia in 1946. The child of Holocaust survivors and a victim of polio, he graduated from the combined program in liberal arts and medicine at Boston University, was a Fellow in Neurophysiology at the National Institute of Health and trained in neurosurgery at Columbia University. Salcman is the author of The Clock Made of Confetti (Orchises, 2007), The Enemy of Good is Better (Orchises, 2011), and editor of the anthology Poetry in Medicine (Persea Books, 2015). His most recent collection, A Prague Spring, Before & After (2016) won the 2015 Sinclair Poetry Prize.

CAROLYN FORCHÉ was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1950. She is Director of the Lannan Centre for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown University and a Professor of Poetry at Newcastle University. Her collections include Gathering the Tribes (1976), The Country Between Us (1981, reissued by Bloodaxe in 2019), The Angel of History (1994), Blue Hour (2003) and In the Lateness of the World (2020). Among a long list of honours for her work, she is the recipient of the Poetry Society of America’s Alice Fay di Castagnola Award, the Edita and Ira Morris Heroshima Foundation Award and the Windham-Campbell Prize from Yale University. Her memoir, What You Have Heard is True, about her time in El Salvador, was published by Penguin in 2019. 

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