Poems to Live for: live webinars

30 May 2022: 2022 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine - Awards and Readings

17 November 2021: Poems to Live for 18. Launch of Storm Brain. Readings by the poets. Part 2.

3 November 2021: Poems to Live for 17. Launch of Storm Brain. Readings by the poets. Part 1.

6 October 2021: Poems to Live for 16. Launch of collection by Lesley Saunders

15 September: Poems to Live for 15. 2021 FPM-Hippocrates Prize Readings: Health Professional Commendations

11 August 2021: Poems to Live for 14. 2021 FPM-Hippocrates Prize Readings: Open Commendations

14 July 2021: Poems to Live for 13. 2021 FPM-Hippocrates Prize Readings: Health Professional Commendations

19th May 2021: Poems to Live for 12. 2021 Hippocrates Prize Readings and Awards. With judges  and and Anna Jackson, New Zealand, Anna Barnard, NY, USA and Professor Neena Modi, London, UK

10 March 2021: Poems to Live for 11. Illness as Inspiration. The Poetry of Medicine and Disease. Theodore Dalrymple in discussion with Michael Hulse

10 February 2021: Poems to Live for 10. Readings by Claudia Daventry, Alex Josephy and Chris Woods

6 January 2021: Poems to Live for 9: Reading by Michael Hulse and Special Guest Louis de Bernières

9 December 2020: Poems to Live for 8: 10 year Anthology for the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine - Readings part 2.

4 November 2020: Poems to Live for 7: 10 year Anthology for the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine - Readings part 1.

1 October 2020: Poems to Live for 6. Poems from conflict areas. 
Launch of ONCE UPON A TIME IN ALEPPO by Fouad M. Fouad.  Translated from the Arabic by Norbert Hirschhorn, USA and Fouad M. Fouad, Beirut, Lebanon
Readings by Dr Andrew Dimitri, Sydney - author of the collection Winter in Northern Iraq

12 August 2020: Poems to Live for 5.Contributors: Michael Hulse, England; Anna Jackson, New Zealand; Mary O’Donnell, Ireland; Jane Flint Bridgewater, England; Clare Wilmott, USA; Peter Goreau, USA; Jane McLaughlin, England 

8 July 2020: Poems to Live for 4. Readings by commended poets in the 2020 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine

10 June 2020: Poems to Live for 3
ContributorsMichael Hulse, England; Geoffrey Lehmann, Australia; Lawrence Sail, England, Roshni Beeharry,  England; Andrew Dimitri, Australia; Rosie Jackson, England; Paulette Turco, USA; Clare Wilmott, USA. 

15 May 2020: Poems to Live for 2. 2020 Hippocrates Prize Awards Ceremony with judges Lawrence Sail and Sir Roland Jackson Bt

8 Apr 2020: Poems to Live for 1.
ContributorsMichael Hulse, UK, Luz Mar Gonzales, Spain, Geoffrey Lehmann, Australia, Professor John Stein, UK, Lawrence Sail, UK.


In April 2020, we launched a series of live webinars called Poems to live for.

There are discussions on poetry. Invited poets around the world read a poem that seems full of the spirit that's worth living for, and say why this poem means so much to him/her. We also provide updates from the 2020 Hippocrates Prize and other activities of the Hippocrates Initiative for Poetry and Medicine.

We welcome suggestions for poems (out of copyright) you would like read. You may also email us with a reading of a favourite poem (must not your own AND must be out of copyright). We can’t  promise to use all readings or suggestions but we shall use as many as possible.

Please email your suggestions or links to a reading to hippocrates.poetry@gmail.com

You can join by computer/laptop/smartphone or by dialling in from a phone.
See below for how to join the sessions.

About our Poems to Live for session for commended poems in the 2020 Hippocrates Prize

"… I think one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, poetry readings I have ever attended. The shock of recognition of some powerful experiences took me by surprise (although it shouldn’t have done) but to hear such difficult issues voiced, tussled with in some cases, felt like an unburdening."


How to join the meeting

Registration is free on EventBrite. See the above Webinar page to the link to EventBrite

Click on the Zoom link provided after you register on EventBrite to join each Webinar.

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