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R Geoffrey Lehmann

Geoffrey Lehmann [photo by Piers Laverty] was the first Australian poet published by Faber & Faber and his book Spring Forest was short listed for the T S Eliot Prize in 1994. 

His collected Poems 1957-2013 won the Australian Prime Minister's Prize (Poetry) in 2014. His 1090 page anthology (co-edited with Robert Gray) Australian Poetry Since 1788 was among The Economist's best books of 2011. 

He was a tax partner with PwC and has been chair of the Australian Tax Research Foundation.

Murray, Les A.; Lehmann, Geoffrey (1965). The Ilex tree. Canberra: Australian National University.
Lehmann, Geoffrey (1968). A voyage of lions and other poems. Sydney: Angus and Robertson.
Comic Australian Verse (1972) Editor
Conversation with a Rider (1972)
Selected Poems (1976)
Ross' Poems (1978)
Nero's Poems: Translations of the public and private poems of the Emperor Nero (1981)
Children's Games (1990)
Spring Forest (1992)
Collected Poems (1997)
Baking at Night and Other Poems (2003)
Poems 1957-2013 (2014)

A Spring Day in Autumn (1974)
Children's fiction
The Balloon Farmer (1994) with Betty Greenhatch
Sky Boy (2001) with Caroline Magerl

Australian Primitive Painters (1974) editor, art
Lehmann, Geoffrey (January–February 2016). "Music and language, cultural identity and fame". Quadrant. 60 (1–2): 92–98.
Lehmann, Geoffrey (2018), Leeward : a memoir, NewSouth Books, ISBN 978-1-74223-613-1

Hermes (1962)
Comic Australian Verse (1972)
The Younger Australian Poets (1983) editor with Robert Gray
The Flight of the Emu (1990)
Australian Poetry in the Twentieth Century (1991) editor with Robert Gray
Australian Poetry Since 1788 (2011) editor with Robert Gray


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