2022 FPM-Hippocrates Prize Health Professional Commendations


Ingrid Andersson   Madison, Wisconsin, United States

What it's like being married to an obstetrician
Carole Bromley   York, England

You drew breath
Carole Bromley   York, England

Your current difficulties
Carole Bromley   York, England

Ice Fish
Tina Carlson   Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

Dissection Room
Nicola Carter   Liverpool, England

Kafka's uncle
Neil Douglas   London, England

Neuro-developmental clinic
Neil Douglas   London, England 

Neil Douglas   London, England

Room with a view
Simon Freeman   London, England

The Smile
Joseph Gascho   Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, United States

The pathology lecture 
Margaret Gourlay   East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, United States

The Day After
Ng Yu Ci, Singapore

Love alone
Melanie Jansen   Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia

Ode To A Lover's Fibrillating Heart
David Lanier   Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

And Breathe
Elizabeth Mitchell   Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States

Cardinal Signs of Healing
Daniela Rojas   Providence, Rhode Island, United States

The Majesty of Mania
Willa Schneberg   Portland, Oregon, United States

Voice Box
Wendy-Jane Walton   Pontesbury, England

Emergency Department Blues
Eika Webb   Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Judith Wozniak   Fareham, England

After calling time of death
Ellen Zhang   Troy, Michigan, United States

Biographies and inspiration for the poems

Carol Bromley MJO22944 hi

Carole Bromley lives in York where she is the Poetry Society’s Stanza rep and runs poetry surgeries. She has been shortlisted and commended in the Hippocrates Prize in previous years and is delighted to be on the shortlist again. Carole has won a number of prizes including the Bridport and the Hamish Canham Award. She writes for children as well as adults. Her most recent publications are The Peregrine Falcons of York Minster (Valley Press, 2020) and a pamphlet about pituitary surgery, Sodium 136 (Calder Valley Poetry 2019)

About her commended poems Carole said:

"Your current difficulties is about an episode of suicidal depression many years ago. I decided to write it as mental health issues need to be discussed openly.
What it’s like being Married to an Obstetrician is based on real memories from the early days of my husband’s medical career when he was doing house jobs in obstetrics and gynaecology. We were newly weds and I found the experiences of his patients moving.
You Drew Breath came out of the same poetry course with Jonathan Edwards as my shortlisted poem. It is based on Greta Stottard’s fine poem with the same title which is about a baby’s first breaths. My poem is about my father’s last breaths."

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