Support for the Hippocrates Prize

We are grateful for generous support for the 2020 Hippocrates Prize from the UK Medical Society the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine (FPM), major supporter of the Open and Health Professional categories in the Hippocrates Prize (the FPM-Hippocrates awards and the FPM-Hippcrates Health Professional awards).

The 2019 FPM-Hippocrates Open Awards and FPM-Hippocrates Health Professional Awards are supported by the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine. The FPM, founded in 1918,  is a UK medical society which publishes the international journals the Postgraduate Medical Journal and Health Policy and Technology. The FPM also organises conferences on advances in clinical medicine, the next of which is due to be held at the Royal College of Physicans in London on Friday 17th September 2021. The conference will also mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the FPM’s journal Health Policy and Technology.

Find out more about the FPM, its journals and conferences by clicking the FPM logo below.

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We are also grateful to health heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust (CVRT), major supporter of the Hippocrates Young Poets’ Prize for Poetry and Medicine.

The Cardiovascular Research Trust was founded in 1996. The Trust educates health professionals, policy makers and the public about effective ways to prevent and treat serious disorders of the heart and the circulation.

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Major support for the Hippocrates initiative since its founding in 2009 has come from many orgaisations and individual donors including the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine,  the Wellcome Trustthe Cardiovascular Research Trust, the National Association for Writers in Education, Professor Anthony Fretwell-Downing, Heads, Teachers and Industry, and the University of Warwick's Institute of Advanced Study. The Hippocrates Initiative has also received generous support in running its  Annual international Conferences on Poetry and Medicine and other poetry and medicine-related events from Harvard Medical School (2017), Massachusetts Poetry Society (2017), Northwestern University and The Poetry Foundation, Chicago (2018) and the University of Newcaslte and its Centre for Life (2019). Future agreed supportors include the University of Oviedo in Spain and the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

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