Poems to Live for Session 7: Wednesday  4th November 2020

Wednesday 4th November 2020 9pm UK time

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Watch recordings of readings from the Poems to Live for session on poetry from conflict areas on UK National Poetry Day - 1st October 2020

Poems to Live for: Session 7

Chairs: Michael Hulse and Donald Singer

Launch of the 10 year Anthology for the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine

Readings by the winning poets - 2010 to 2014

2010 Wendy French, London, England     it’s about a man

2011 Wendy French, London, England    The Doctor’s Wife

2010 Alex Josephy, London, England  The Corridor

2010 C. K. Stead, Aukland, New Zealand     Ischaemia

2010 Siân Hughes, Banbury, England    Treatments

2011 Paula Cunningham, Belfast, N Ireland    The Chief Radiographer Considers

2014 Paula Cunningham, Belfast, N Ireland    A History of Snow

2011 Sandy Goldbeck Wood, Cambridge, England      Inappropriate ADH

2011 Michael Henry, Cheltenham, England    The Patella Hammer

2011 Cheryl Moskowitz, London, England    Correspondence with the Care Home

2011 Johanna Emeney, New Zealand    Radiologist’s Report

2012 Andy Jackson, Tayport, Scotland    Allogeneic

2012 Jane Kirwan, London, England    Mr. Blatný Perseveres

2012 Mary Bush, North Texas, USA    Women’s Work

2013 Ann Lilian Jay, Ceredigion, Wales    Biopsy

2015 Ann Lilian Jay, Ceredigion, Wales    Night Visit

2013 Bella Madden, Milton Keynes    The New Man

2014 Ellen Storm, Liverpool, England    Out of Hospital Arrest

2014 Valerie Laws, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear,     Acute Mountain Sickness: Everest

2014 Ailsa Holland, Macclesfield, England    Weekend

2014 Stephanie Gangi, New York, NY, USA    Four

2017 Andrew Dimitri, Sydney, Australia    It Will Make a Fine Hospital

For future sessions, we welcome suggestions of poems (out of copyright) you would like read or to read yourself. Please email us as soon as possible with your suggestions. We can’t promise to use all readings or suggestions but we shall use as many as possible.

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