8 December 2021: Storm Brain: The Hippocrates Book Of The Brain. Poet readings: Session 1.

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Launch of Storm Brain: The Hippocrates Book Of The Brain

edited by Wendy French, Michael Hulse and Donald Singer

The Hippocrates Press £12 ISBN 978-1- 9163981-1- 5

8th December 9pm UK time

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Readings by the poets: Session 1

Sharon Ackerman Dementia Praecox

Marilyn Bowering Amnesia in Ten Fragments

Carole Bromley Neurosurgery Ward Bed

Brendan Constantine Dementia, My Darling

Claudia Daventry for my Valentine in an fMRI scanner

Andrew Rafik Azmy Dimitri Memories of Berlin

Peter Goldsworthy Ozymandias

Philip Gross Hive / Mind

Jennifer Harrison Cochlear Implants

Michael Henry The Bipolar Puppet

Norbert Hirschhorn The Mater Sisters

Maureen Jivani Celebration

Alex Josephy She Speaks His Language

Alisha Kaplan Doctrine of Signatures

Victoria Kennefick Arctic Circle

Jane Kirwan Watch

Fiona Larkin Dendroglyph

Owen Lewis Lesson #13

David McCooey Synaptic Transmissions: an Elegy

Marcia Pelletiere Fish

David Perman Repartee

Jo Roach Haircut

Robert Seatter The Sea, Aldeburgh

Tricia Torrington Amnesia

About the book

Already understood by Plato as the seat of thought and analysis, the brain has been an object of scientific study at least since the days of the ancient Egyptians. In recent times, the impressive advances of neuroscience have given us modern brain surgery and a growing understanding of the nature of stroke and dementia. At the same time, millions worldwide experience either in themselves or in loved ones the ravages wrought on the individual when the brain suffers an attack.

In compiling Storm Brain – made possible by the generous support of healthy heart charity the Cardiovascular Research Trust – the editors invited poets around the English-speaking world to donate poems on the subject of the brain and its afflictions. Among the poets in this book are Roo Borson and Kim Maltman, Peter Goldsworthy, Elizabeth Smither, Mimi Khalvati, Gwyneth Lewis, Jeffrey Harrison, Marilyn Bowering, Mary O’Donnell, Lawrence Sail, Claire Trévien, Philip Gross and C. K. Stead.

They are joined by leading medical professionals whose practice and research has led them to a keen interest in stroke, and they contribute information and advice to help every one of us understand and avert stroke or manage its consequences. The result, a companion volume to the earlier Hippocrates Book of the Heart, will give pleasure and helpful instruction.

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