2010 Articles and broadcasts

December 2010: BMJ Careers feature -†Johanna Shapiro [Irvine, CA] and Sarah Mourra [Yale] ask whether poems make you a better doctor

December 2010:†Press release - aspiring young poets encouraged: comment by Clare Pollard who published her first poems aged 16

December 2010: Thanks to the following for information passed on about the 2011 Prize:†Royal College of Physicians,†Royal College of Psychiatrists,†Royal College of General Practitioners,†national assocation of writers in education,†Australian Society of Authors,†Writer's Hub,†The†Poetry†Kit,†WriteOutLoud,†The Writers' Guild,†Russell Group,

November 2010:†Lapidus Journal article†- Poetry and Medicine at Warwick by Michael Hulse and Donald Singer

November 2010: Thanks for 2011 Prize web-posting to†Poetry Library, SouthBank Centre,†New Zealand Poetry Society,Academic Resources,†Prize Do,†Write Out Loud,†Beattie's Blog,†History of Medicine,†Society for Academic Primary Care,†The BookTrib,†Lapidus,†Sutton Coldfield Grammar,†Russell Group,

November 2010:†Press release:†national poet outgoing UK family doctor chief to judge the 2011 Hippocrates Prize

November 2010:†Student BMJ. Do poems make you a better doctor?†

October 2010:†Lapidus Journal. Poetry and medicine at Warwick.

October 2010:†Simon and Schuster†flag entries for the 2011 Hippocrates Prize

October 2010: 2011 Hippocrates Prize now also supported by†Head Teachers and Industry†and†Cardiovascular Research Trust

October 2010†BMJ: Call for applications to the Hippocrates Prize†Ayesha Ahmed

April 2010†British Medical Journal: Winning 2010 NHS poem takes doctor's life as its insipiration.

April 2010:†Winners of 2010 Hippocrates Prize awards announced.

April 2010: BMJ News. 2010;340:c2023†Winning NHS poem takes a doctor's life as its inspiration†doi:10.1136/bmj.c2023

April 2010†Warwick blog re awards symposium

March 2010:†BBC World Service Newshour interview with Donald Singer by Claire Bolderson on the 2010 Awards

March 2010:†BBC Radio 4 Today interview with Hippocrates Prize co-founder Donald Singer by John Humphrys on the 2010 Awards

March 2010:†The Independent†on 2010 Awards and excerpts†from award-winning poems 'Treatments' by Si‚n Hughes and 'Time to Get Ready' by Edward Picot.

March 2010:Lancet article by Donald Singer and Michael Hulse on†Poetry and Medicine

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