2013 Hippocrates Prize for Young Poets

The winner of the inaugural Hippocrates Young Poets Prize of £500 is Rosalind Jana from Hereford Sixth Form College in England, for her poem ‘Posterior Instrumented Fusion for Adolescent Scoliosis’.

This new international Hippocrates Prize is for entrants aged under 19 years. This new award was launched in 2012, and is for an unpublished poem of up to 50 lines in English on a medical theme. 

The 2013 Hippocrates Prize for Schools was judged by poet Clare Pollard who published her first collection of poetry at the age of 19.

The 2013 Hippocrates Prize for Young Poets is supported by the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine the National Assocation of Writers in Education, and the Cardiovascular Research Trust.

Clare Pollard heads[1]

Judge Clare Pollard

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