Themes discussed at Hippocrates Symposia: Poetry in the education of health professionals

Poetry in the education of health professionals

Poetry and Resilience in Medical Education and Practice: Anne Hudson Jones, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, USA

Pegasus Physician Writers and Medicine & the Muse:  Promoting Poetry at Stanford Medicine: Audrey Shafer, Stanford University, USA 

Sonnets for Specialists: Poetry in Medical Education: Stephen Harvey, USA 

The well-versed medical student: Giskin Day, Imperial College, London, UK

The medical student as poet: Sue Eckstein and Jackie Wills, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, University of Sussex, UK

The use of poetry in reflective learning for GPs: Edward Picot and David Hindmarsh, Cranbrook, Kent, UK

Why Should We Keep Creativity Alive in Medicine? Vidya Viswanathan, USA

Poetry and the Medical Student: How Reading and Writing Poetry Enriches Medical Education: Ivana Viani, USA

Why Doctors Write: Neal Baer, USA; Ken Browne,USA; Michael Hulse, UK; Lisa New, USA; Rob Weatherford, USA

Why Doctors Need Poetry: Danielle Ofri, USA

Becoming a Healer: Using Poetry to Teach the Lived Experiences of Illness, Suffering, and Loss: Nicole Piemonte: Creighton University and St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, USA

Creative Writing in Student Nurse Reflections and Dementia Awareness: Romi Jones and Catherine Bailey, Northumbria University, UK

The Healthy Heart schools project: Donald Singer, London, UK; Wendy French, London, UK and Rebecca Goss, Suffolk, UK

Taking a turn for the verse: poetry in medical education: Giskin Day, Imperial College, London, UK

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