2011 International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine

Venue: University of Warwick

2011 Symposium Faculty

Steve Field CBE ((2011 Hippocrates Prize Judging Panel, Chairman of Council, Royal College of General Practitioners, London), Sandy Goldbeck-Wood (Cambridge), Sorcha Gunne(HIV/AIDS and poetry, Warwick), Marilyn Hacker (Poet and Critic, New York & Paris), Fiona Hamilton (Chair, Lapidus), Michael Hulse (Writing Programme, Warwick), Mark Lawson((2011 Hippocrates Prize Judging Panel - Broadcaster and Writer, Northampton) Gwyneth Lewis (2011 Hippocrates Prize Judging Panel - Former Welsh National Poet, Cardiff), Renee Liang (New Zealand), Timothy Metcalfe (Australia), Simon Opher (Poetry and Dementia - Dursley), Femi Oyebode (Psychiatry and Poetry, University of Birmingham), Donald Singer (Warwick Medical School), Sue Spencer (Poetry in Nurse Education - Newcastle), Kelley Swain (London), John Riddington Young (Syphilis in poetry - ENT Surgeon, West Barton, Bideford).

There were sessions on historical and contemporary themes, illness and poetry, poetry as therapy, poetry in the education of medical students, nurses and doctors, and poetry as an aid to health professionals. 

2011 Symposium programme

The 2011 Hippocrates Awards for poetry and medicine were announced at the 2011 Symposium by judges:

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