2010 International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine

Date: Saturday 10th April 2010

Venue: University of Warwick.

2010 Symposium Faculty 

Dannie Abse, London; Alan Beattie, Lancaster; Christina Britzolakis, Warwick; Mary Crowder, Bristol; Giskin Day, Imperial College, London; Lise Day, Cape Town, South Africa; Rose Flint, Corsley; William Foster, Gloucester; Wendy French, London; Sandy Goldbeck-Wood; Peter Goldsworthy Poet and medical practitioner, Australia ; Sam Guglani, Cheltenham; Michael Hulse, Editor, The Warwick Review; Kevin Ilsley, Bromyard; Sarah Kelly; Sir Bruce Keogh, London; John Livingston, Leeds; Cheryl Moskowitz, London; James Naughtie, London; Stephanie Norgate, Midhurst, West Sussex; Simon Opher, Dursley ;Brenda Read-Brown, Tewkesbury; Susan ReynoldsBritish Library, London; Donald Singer, Warwick; Can Sonmez, Warwick; Stephen Wilson, Oxford; John Riddington Young, Sheffield

There were sessions on historical and contemporary themes, illness and poetry, poetry as therapy, poetry in the education of medical students, nurses and doctors, and poetry as an aid to health professionals. The programme of lectures, round table discussions, poetry readings and the Hippocrates Awards Ceremony were published on the Symposium website

The 2010 Hippocrates Awards for poetry and medicine were announced at the 2010 Symposium by judges:

  • BBC broadcaster James Naughtie
  • poet Dannie Abse CBE
  • NHS Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh 
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