3rd Annual FPM Summer Evening: 2013 Hippocrates Awards for Poetry & Medicine

Monday 24th June 6.00 - 8.30pm

Rooms of the Medical Society of London

11 Chandos St, London W1G 9DR

Photos from the evening

The  Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine has been a major supporter of the Hippocrates Prize since it was founded. The FPM's 3rd Annual Summer Evening Event was devoted to the 2013 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine. 

FPM Hippo DS and D Abse

FPM President Donald Singer with new Hon. FPM Fellow Dannie Abse

Highlights included

-  poet and doctor Dannie Abse made an Honorary Fellow of the FPM  

- reading by Dannie Abse, member of judging panel for inaugural 2010 Hippocrates Prize

- readings by winning and commended poets in 2013 Hippocrates Prize

- readings from new Hippocrates Press anthology Born in the NHS

Lynne Hjelmgaard with Dannie Abse and Wendy French

The annual Hippocrates awards are in an Open category (1st Prize £5000), which anyone in the world may enter, and an NHS category (1st Prize £5000) which is open to UK National Health Service employees, health students and those working in professional organisations involved in education and training of NHS students and staff; and a Young Poets Award of £500. 

The Hippocrates Initiative began in 2009 as the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine for an unpublished poem on a medical subject. The Hippocrates Initiative now also includes annual international symposia at which the Hippocrates awards are presented, an international research forum for poetry and medicine and The Hippocrates Press. Since its launch in 2009, the annual Hippocrates Prize has attracted thousands of entries from 55 countries, from the Americas to Fiji and from Finland to Australasia. With a purse of £15,000, the Hippocrates Prize is one of the most valuable poetry prizes in the world.

Hippo FPM 24.6.13 group

Hippocrates Prize poets with Dannie Abse and Donald Singer:
Back from left: Cheryl Moskowitz, Norbert Hirschorn, Valerie Fry, Alex Josephy
Middle: Bella Madden, Ellen Storm, Alison McVety, Lesley Saunders, Kim Lasky, Donald Singer
Front: Lynne Hjelmgaard, Dannie Abse, Wendy French

Programme for the Hippocrates Initiative evening
Monday, June 24th 2013

Hosted by the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine

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Rooms of the Medical Society of London
11, Chandos Street, London W1G 9DR - 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus

6.00 pm  

6.30 pm
Introduction: the Hippocrates Initiatives and the 2013 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine Professor Donald Singer - President, Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine

6.40 pm
Award of Honorary FPM Fellowship to Dannie Abse

Reading by Dannie Abse

D Abse

Dannie Abse at the 2010 Hippocrates Awards

6.55 pm
Readings by winning and commended poets 2013

Several winning poets live over oceans or at a distance in the UK: their poems will be read by other commended poets. The commended poems read will be read by commended poets who were able to attend the evening.  

Young Poets Category

Posterior Instrumented Fusion for Adolescent Scoliosis by Rosalind Jana

NHS Category

Winning poems
1st prize Downs by Mary Williams, read by Wendy French
2nd prize Birds by Ann Elizabeth Gray read by Allison McVety
3rd prize shared
-   The New Man by Bella Madden
-   Emergency Call by Ian McDowell 
-   Biopsy by Ann Jay - read by Wendy French

Commended poems
Invincible by Rosni Beeharry 
Animal Electricity by Kim Lasky 
At a Stroke: Collateral Circulation by Valerie Laws 
Anaesthesia’s Apology by Cheryl Moskowitz 

* * * * * 

Open Category

Winning poems
1st prize Morbidity and Mortality by Rafael Campo read by Ian McDowell
2nd prize shared
-  Tooth by Matthew Barton  - read by Norbert Hirschorn
-   At the Children’s Hospital by Liam Corley - read by Lesley Saunders
-   Wild by Sue Wootton read by Bella Madden

Commended poems
Minutes by Valerie Fry  
Personal Questions by Rosie Garland 
Pandemic by Allison McVety   
The Last Glass Eye by Lesley Saunders  
Counting the Stars by Val Thompson   

Born in the NHS by Wendy French and Jane Kirwan 

Short reading by Wendy French and Lynne Hjelmgaard (who will read poems by
Jane who lives in Prague for half of the year)

WF and JK

7.40 pm  

Reception: Wine and a Book Table

8.30 pm


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