2013 Hippocrates Prize Anthology

The Hippocrates Prize Anthology 2013
Selected by judges Theodore Dalrymple, Roger Highfield and Jo Shapcott.
Ed. MW Hulse and DRJ Singer.
May, 2013. The Hippocrates Press. ISBN 978-0-9572571-1-5      £10


The 47 poems in the 2013 Hippocrates Prize Anthology of Open International and NHS winning and commended entries have been selected by judges Jo Shapcott, Dr Theodore Dalrymple and Roger Highfield, and edited by Hippocrates Initiative co-founders Michael Hulse and Donald Singer.

The 2013 Hippocrates Anthology of the 47 winning and commended poems were launched after the Awards Symposium at the Wellcome Rooms in London on Saturday 18th May.

14th December 2013: Lancet Review by Rachel Hadas 

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"This slim, masterfully edited anthology is stern but not despairing. Uplift and consolation aren't the theme; rather, poem after poem offers clarity, courage, and above all attention. In the words of Roger Highfield, one of the panel of three excellent judges for the Hippocrates Prize, “Medicine is where science collides with life.” In this zone of collision, a hard-won, perilous clarity casts a glow at once harsh and tender over scenes, situations, and memories that represent extremes of human experience…" See full review

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