Submit Abstract: Poetry + Medicine Symposium 17th May 2019

Deadlines for abstract submission (see form at the foot of this page):

- †for oral†presentation: 12 mn GMT 31st March 2019

-†for poster presentation: 12 mn GMT 15th April 2019

- Authors will be informed within 1 week of submission

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Important advice on submitting your entry:

1. Scroll down the form to complete each section, including your contact details and the full text of your entry.†The body of your abstract should be up to 400 words, in addition to your title and to up to 5 references.

2. To submit your abstract, complete the information requested below then press the Submit button at the foot of the form.

3. First click inside the form then you will be able to scroll down inside the form.†

4. To include text in italics, begin the italic section with <i> and end it with </i>

5. To make text bold, begin any bold section with <b> and end it with </b>

6. Submit your abstract by clicking the button at the bottom of the scrolled down form.

7. You can return to your abstract after you have submitted it, if you wish to edit the text.

*** To check that your submission has been successful, after you submit your abstract, go to the top of your submission page. You should see †a link allowing you to edit your submission. Clicking that link will show you the abstract you have just submitted. Please bookmark that page as a ‘Favourite’.†If you wish to return to edit your submission, you can do so by returning to that bookmarked page. If you have not saved the edit page, please resubmit your revised abstract on the main online form. There is no extra charge for a resubmission.

Privacy statement

The data on your entry form relates to your submission of an abstract for the 2019 International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine. The date and time of your submission, your identity and the work you have submitted will all be stored, but will not be used for any purpose other than administering and recording your submission and for informing you about future Hippocrates Symposia and related events and activities.

†© Hippocrates initiative 2012: